The Connecticut Association of Therapeutic Recreation Directors was established in 1980 to promote the field of Therapeutic Recreation. Our primary function is to conduct continuing education with an emphasis on major developments in the field of Therapeutic Recreation and other topics of current interest. CATRD works to develop a greater understanding of Therapeutic Recreation and the needs of the aged and disabled in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Adult Day Care Centers, Assisted Living and Senior Centers.


(a) To promote and conduct continuing education with an emphasis on the major developments in therapeutic recreation and other topics of current interest; to advance the field.  To identify the realm and scope of the therapeutic recreation profession.

(b) To develop educational programs for members and the general public to encourage greater understanding of therapeutic recreation and the needs of persons with special needs.

(c) To foster and encourage the understanding of therapeutic recreation to the general public, other professions and regulatory agencies and to promote the awareness of therapeutic recreation.


The CATRD Board of Trustees will act as an advocate on behalf of its membership and provide educational opportunities and informational services regarding the field of therapeutic recreation.


  • To provide seminars and a conference (minimum of 2 per year).
  • To utilize various mediums newsletter, web site and special mailings to keep our membership informed and educated on trends and issues affecting our profession.
  • To support legislation that ensures the quality of life for the resident population we serve and improve the working conditions for members.
  • To provide a grant and awards for members to support and promote our membership.
  • To maintain contact with and provide information from educational institutions offering therapeutic recreation programs and professional organizations with emphasis on therapeutic recreational services.
  • To provide membership with resources and information on current trends and issues in the field of therapeutic recreation.
  • To educate the public about the field of therapeutic recreation and the services we provide.